March 19, 2015


It's that time again!  As we move from winter to Spring the trees are tapped and we are ready to go.

This year I upgraded our system at the trees. From the spile is a three inch PVC elbow, then Pex pipe down to the 5 gallon water containers. Perfect for keeping the bugs out when it gets a little warmer.

 Finn leads us to the hardware store for supplies.

 Time to collect!  We are very pleased that the snow is melting.

 This is our makeshift oven.  The cinder blocks help force the heat up under the pans.  Much faster than the open fire last year.  The tarp is because it was lightly raining.  Oh, how we'd love to have  sugar shack.

She's got skills.  

 So does he.

Here's our first small batch/ trial run.  It came out great!

Turkeys pass by.  

Snow kept falling

Winter has passed and we were so cold that we haven't posted in two months.  Now as we continue to thaw, it's time to share some of our winter fun.

That's it.  That's it in a nutshell.  Let's just move on to the excitement of Spring.