January 19, 2015

Winter bones

Reading up on maple sugaring.  Maybe this year we will get in over our heads and tap too many trees.  It would be nice to one day have an evaporator... and a sugar shack to pt it in.

Here she is knitting like a true homesteader in the winter.  Across the back of the couch is a quilt made by a certain mother/ mother-in-law.  Her legs are also wrapped in a green fleece blanket made by the same to match our Mini Cooper.  The Mini had to go, but the blanket still keeps us warm.

 A cabin in he woods.

Creek froze.  If I was younger I'd try sliding down this creek on my butt.  Things hurt more, though, as time goes on.

He likes the snow and doesn't care how cold it is.

A pileated woodpecker kicked this dead tree's a**.

January 4, 2015

Post-holiday quiet

We haven't posted for a couple of weeks.  Thanks for not quitting on us.

Some catching up:

We have seen two bald eagles in the past week!  The first sighting was in Massachusetts (still have a hard time spelling that) as we drove back from North Adams.  The second was flying along the highway near Kingston, NY.  We both hope that these are signs of the bald eagle's return to the region.  There have not been bald eagles in this region for a long time.

She donated 11 hats and 4 scarves that she made, and 3 of her coats, to Family of Woodstock.

He got a couple of new power tools for Christmas, and has gone Rambo with them.

 Dad made this Welcome sign for us.  It's perfect!  Thanks, Dad!

Squirrels and blue jays getting together and sharing.  If they can do it, so can we.

We put our little 21 year-old fake Christmas tree back in its box.  We bought it for ten dollars in a dollar store in Astoria, NY.  It's always worth sharing this funny mistake in translation.

Snow! Only an inch that turned to rain and melted, but it looked great while it lasted.

Cardinals approaching the feeder.  My smart phone was confused about what to focus on, the feeder, the falling snowflakes, or the birds.  I like the slightly abstract look of it.  Nice job, smart phone.

Below and to the left of the the feeder is a female cardinal moving too fast for the smart phone.  She looks haint-ish, perhaps in order to get to this well-defended feeder. They don't like to share.

We hope your 2015 is full of awe and wonder and whatever else you wish for.