June 16, 2015

A family visit

It was a great visit!

Four footer

Cuts the grass

Finds a big snake

June 1, 2015

Holy new bike!

He arrives with the new bike and a big smile.  Why wait until 50?

 This bike is more... well, everything, so he had to build a worthy ramp into the shed.  For the other bike he was riding up a 2x8.  Nuts.

Spring! ... and chores.

First signs of green were in the cold creek.

Then the trees explode with new green leaves.

Picked up some stone pieces to make a step.

Made a step.

 Cut down another tree close to the cabin.  More sky and more firewood.

You can see on the bottom left of the stack that this tree was beginning to decay as the others were.

Loviest picture yet