August 18, 2015

Summer-type things

 Good friends come to visit, so we go to Mountain Brauhaus for some old-fashioned German food and beer.


Heck of a moth.

Smart Car over-loaded.

 Heading up a valley in the Catskills.  Amazing.

A confused smart phone tries to capture the setting sun.

Finn update

Have we mentioned how great this dog is?  We've been spending the whole summer together again.  She has also been taking two days per week off to extend the weekends into the majority of the week.  Finn could not be happier, and neither could we.

Finn sees something out there.

Ah, summer love.

She's a city girl... until she's in the country

Our splendid niece jumps right into the bramble to collect wild raspberries.  It was amazing to watch her carelessly brush away mosquitoes, flick a spider off the container, reach through the thorny mess to find the prizes.  I thought we'd only be picking for a short time before she called it quits, but after 20 minutes it was me who couldn't take another mosquito fly by my ear.  We collected about 15 ounces and I had to pull her away!

Slight customization

I suppose customizing a Harley is inevitable.  It's funny to spend so much on a machine and then start changing things.  The bike is totally stock except for the mufflers, and now the rear foot pegs, passenger-friendly seat, and back rest.  We used to call the back rest a sissy bar, but she finds that term most unappealing.  She ain't no sissy, as you know.

June 16, 2015

A family visit

It was a great visit!

Four footer

Cuts the grass

Finds a big snake

June 1, 2015

Holy new bike!

He arrives with the new bike and a big smile.  Why wait until 50?

 This bike is more... well, everything, so he had to build a worthy ramp into the shed.  For the other bike he was riding up a 2x8.  Nuts.

Spring! ... and chores.

First signs of green were in the cold creek.

Then the trees explode with new green leaves.

Picked up some stone pieces to make a step.

Made a step.

 Cut down another tree close to the cabin.  More sky and more firewood.

You can see on the bottom left of the stack that this tree was beginning to decay as the others were.

Loviest picture yet

April 20, 2015

Home is where the heart is

At the end of the day, this is what it's all about.

April 6, 2015

Snow is gone

The snow has melted, which means many things.  One of them is...

Happy birthday, Finn!

We found him four years ago when he was approximately three years old.  We don't know for sure, but that is a good guess.  That makes him seven, which is 49 in dog years.  A fine dog, he is, and we've loved every minute with him.

In some ways he is still a big baby.

March 19, 2015


It's that time again!  As we move from winter to Spring the trees are tapped and we are ready to go.

This year I upgraded our system at the trees. From the spile is a three inch PVC elbow, then Pex pipe down to the 5 gallon water containers. Perfect for keeping the bugs out when it gets a little warmer.

 Finn leads us to the hardware store for supplies.

 Time to collect!  We are very pleased that the snow is melting.

 This is our makeshift oven.  The cinder blocks help force the heat up under the pans.  Much faster than the open fire last year.  The tarp is because it was lightly raining.  Oh, how we'd love to have  sugar shack.

She's got skills.  

 So does he.

Here's our first small batch/ trial run.  It came out great!

Turkeys pass by.