September 29, 2014

A visit from good friends

First signs of autumn.  The maples always go first.  And the sassafras.  

This fine young fellow brought his parents up for a visit.  He and Finn are best friends.

We put all the leaves in the dump truck.

At Sweet Sue's in Phoenicia.  We had great, mountainous pancakes.  Thank you guys for coming!

September 23, 2014

Happy first day of autumn

Well, that was a mild, easy summer, but autumn is still enthusiastically welcome.  It's the season of extraordinary color, food, change, and perfect weather.  What else do we want, really?  Love?  That's what we'll bring to the season.

September 18, 2014

Chilly nights, perfect days

A fire in the fireplace was perfect for getting the chili out of the air.  Temperatures are dropping into the 50s at night and rising to the low-mid 70s in the day.  Perfect.

Perfect for hiking.

Getting to a place like this makes her very happy.

Me too.

They go to sleep in the sun a thousand feet above the trees.

Not quite a hog, but it got me there just the same.

This old-timer was parked in Woodstock.  For sale for $13,000, which is 3 1/2 times what it cost new in 1972.  Says it only has 70k miles. I learned to drive on the very same VW.  It's even the same color!  I'd pay $5,000.  Just looking at it, I know what it smells like inside.

September 12, 2014

Rides and finds

We took the trusty 31 year old motorcycle up into the hills to another German place called Mountain Brauhaus for lunch.  It was a good, hearty lunch in a classic Catskills German place.  We arrived early to find the entire place to ourselves and the waiter/bartender.  We'll go back for the weekend music, for sure. 

Passed a Ukrainian Catholic church worth a look.  A beautiful place!

An old truck that used to deliver pies.  A very worthy purpose.

His favorite food: maple sugar soft ice-cream.  They only make it a few times per year and we got lucky.  The place is called The Ice Cream Station and it's in Phoenicia.

Finn has to wear his "I'm not a deer, idiot!" jacket because they added a week to the bear hunting season.  This is his end of runway Fashion Week pose.