August 20, 2014

Another strangely mild August weekend

August is supposed to be hazy, hot, and humid.  Well, not this one.  We have passed the half-way point and it consistently has been fairly dry and in the low to mid eighties, and chilly at night.  We are  certainly not complaining!

This mint growing wildly along our road is still flourishing.  We pulled some so she could make more mint/honey/lemon iced tea.  Amazing!

We finally got to join up with these friends for a nice long walk around a lake.  She is officially very pregnant, but still can cover miles of walking.  It was great to see them!

On final little detail needed the skills of an expert.  Tom came back to create a log end to match the others.  We had to cut this one out when the deck was built.  It was beaten and quite rotted.  We have milled logs drying in the basement that match the cabin, so finding such a small piece was no problem, but how do you cut an end that fits in all those mismatched notches?

Turns out that it's a mere challenge if you are Tom Colucci.

Slid right it the first time!  Right now, for the photo, it's just sitting in place.  Before it gets fastened in, have to treat it with borate, stain, and a top coat so it looks like all the rest.
Next project is finishing the cinderblock foundation.  We are going to use cultured stone that looks just like the blue stone in our region.  Sort of like this.  Or this.  Or this.  

August 14, 2014

Overlook Hotel

These might be boring if you don't care about mountain hotel ruins. What a strange place to visit.  Each time it inspires the imagination.


View from Overlook Mountain

This August has been near perfect weather. 

That's the Ashokan Reservoir in the distance.

August 13, 2014

Family visit

We did a poor job taking family photos this weekend, but here are a few gems.  We went to the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary and then had lunch on Phoenicia, which is becoming a very popular stop in the mountains for bikers.

We wonder if he is considering one of these as a retirement toy...

August 7, 2014

Faux door

I don't know why I got myself into this challenge, but it's starting to look interesting. I thought I'd create a small door that matches the random contour of the stone edges.

Here's the space it needs to cover:

And here's the almost finished product.  I still have to stack up the stone the rest of the way, but the door is pretty much finished here. Strap hinges, knob and all. Made from scraps and old parts.

I started by cutting and ripping some scraps all to the same size. The easy part.
 Then I used my router to cut and edge in each piece to give the door some texture. By the way, this router was a $5 yard sale find last year.  Mom and dad are surely proud reading that sentence.

Then I fastened the boards to the general shape of the door opening.

Note the unintentional mean eyes and flared nostrils in the center.

Then I was lost, but she told me to just put the rough door inside behind the opening and just trace the outline of the door frame onto the door.  I did what I was told and it worked out swimmingly.

We didn't get pictures of the jig saw phase, which is a shame.  That was the crazy part.

Recent hikes

Some photos from recent hikes in the Catskills.

This chair is somewhat camouflaged by the tree above, but Finn found it right away.  We have seen this type of creativity on another remote trail.  The massive pile of stone they are set on are remnants of long since abandoned blue stone quarries.


Music at Brewery Ommegang

Half of REM and a few accomplished musicians from other bands got together to form The Baseball Project.  We drove up to Cooperstown, NY, to see them followed by Conner Obherst and Dawes.  It was a lovely night of music in the rolling hills and farms of central New York. Obherst and Dawes were great.  We both felt glad to be a part of a younger generation of thoughtful musicians and songwriters.  You don't get that sense if you listen to commercial radio.

It was also great to see three aging rockstars from REM, Mike Mills (just wrote Hills three times before I got control of my fingers), Peter Buck, and Scott McCaughey (Sorry no picture of Scott). They were a delight.

The guitarist/singer is Steve Wynn, best known as the ex-frontman of The Dream Syndicate.

We did visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown - great place for baseball history fans - but this brewery alone would be worth a trip to visit (from the cabin).


Just for a little contrast, here's what the cabin was when we first arrived.