February 20, 2014

Deep winter

Well, it's a snowy place.  Scott, our snow plow guy, has plowed eight times so far.  It's beautiful, but getting expensive.  At the moment we have 2 1/2 to three feet on the ground... and roof... and everything else that doesn't move.  We went snow shoeing yesterday through our woods. Amazing.

Finn surveys his playground from the deck.

Early morning.  This seat is taken.

Art. Titled "Icicle Stuck in Snow." Or "Using Winter to Strike Back at Winter."  Any other suggestions for a title?

She is ready for a picnic.

Finn thinks he is the driver.  He was waiting for us while we were in the store.

Along the highway headed toward Northampton, MA.  I write MA because I still don't know how to spell the name of that state.

We are ready for Spring!