November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving snow?

Depending on what source you chose for your weather forecast we were to get either 6 inches or 15 inches.  Either way it would be one heck of a nor'easter that would disrupt holiday travel, etc.  We got one inch, which is almost melted already.  Is it me, or have weather people become ridiculously unreliable?  Imagine if I, as a teacher, were allowed to be approximately 50% correct on assessments and goal-setting for my kids.  Or a doctor who gets a diagnosis right 50% of the time.  Wow.

The problem is that weather forecasters who exaggerate, or maintain the assertion that they can make accurate forecasts for us (often 5 to 10 days out), are costing people happiness, money, and other measurable losses.  How many people in this region cancelled flights, or driving plans, and won't be with their loves ones this Thanksgiving because weather reporters confidently said that we'd be swamped with horrible weather?  The New York City metropolitan area, which has three major international airports, was told by many TV stations and websites that the nor'easter would be delivering high winds and significant snowfall.  In the city there were less than moderate winds, and all they saw was rain mixed with occasional snow flakes that instantly dissolved on the warm city streets.

Some areas of the Catskills saw quite a few inches, which folks dealt with handily, but our area saw only one to two.  That, for our region, is hardly worth mentioning, except for its beauty.

Anyway, we hope the forecasts did not hurt your holiday plans.  And for those who love snow, we hope you happened to be in a region that got some.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was looking for an image of an emphatic weather person and found this...

... which led to this video.  Very worth watching. Now I like weather people again.

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  1. I hear you. I've started following the blog of a local dude who loves weather and is an intense weather hobbyist. One of the things I've learned is how difficult it is to accurately predict storms much of the time. That meteorologists are not up front about this, or not allowed to be is not a good thing. "The news" is ridiculous...pretty useless, really.