November 12, 2014

A few small projects

So far November has been mild and quiet, aside from a day of tree-pruning high winds and rain.  We have been enjoying the sweater weather.

For whatever reason, we tend to start multiple projects this time of year and can be remarkably productive.  Maybe it's because winter is coming.

This is a simple shelter for the archery target and bales of hay.  It'll keep them from getting soaked and rotting.  With sides, it can also double for firewood storage.  It's 4' by 8'.

And an eight foot bridge crossing the creek.  Right now the creek is nearly dry and filled with leaves, but the first snowfall, then melt, will wash all that away.

Finn wants to help clean the gutters.

The bottom-most log end is new.  The old one was rotten and was cut out during the deck construction.  We had to let the new one season before we stained it.  Over time it will more like the rest of the logs.

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