October 7, 2014

Autumn in full swing

We took his picture at this tree the same time last year.  He has a little more white in his beard.

He loves Oktoberfest at Hunter Mountain.  Smells like bratwurst and knockwurst everywhere.

A motorcycle rally at Oktoberfest.  We are just filing in. There were eventually hundreds of bikes. Parking was somewhat anticlimactic, but the ride up the mountain with an accumulation of bikes as we went was amazing.  Bikes of all kinds.

Sorry, no pictures of her this week.  She was there, but behind the camera.


  1. "He has a little more white in his beard." Are you referring to picture 1 or picture 3 :-).
    Love the photos, such beautiful fall colors.

    1. Ha! That's funny. It really has been a beautiful autumn, following an incredible summer. We've been lucky!