September 12, 2014

Rides and finds

We took the trusty 31 year old motorcycle up into the hills to another German place called Mountain Brauhaus for lunch.  It was a good, hearty lunch in a classic Catskills German place.  We arrived early to find the entire place to ourselves and the waiter/bartender.  We'll go back for the weekend music, for sure. 

Passed a Ukrainian Catholic church worth a look.  A beautiful place!

An old truck that used to deliver pies.  A very worthy purpose.

His favorite food: maple sugar soft ice-cream.  They only make it a few times per year and we got lucky.  The place is called The Ice Cream Station and it's in Phoenicia.

Finn has to wear his "I'm not a deer, idiot!" jacket because they added a week to the bear hunting season.  This is his end of runway Fashion Week pose.

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  1. Nice! Love the picture of her in the empty restaurant.