September 18, 2014

Chilly nights, perfect days

A fire in the fireplace was perfect for getting the chili out of the air.  Temperatures are dropping into the 50s at night and rising to the low-mid 70s in the day.  Perfect.

Perfect for hiking.

Getting to a place like this makes her very happy.

Me too.

They go to sleep in the sun a thousand feet above the trees.

Not quite a hog, but it got me there just the same.

This old-timer was parked in Woodstock.  For sale for $13,000, which is 3 1/2 times what it cost new in 1972.  Says it only has 70k miles. I learned to drive on the very same VW.  It's even the same color!  I'd pay $5,000.  Just looking at it, I know what it smells like inside.

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