August 7, 2014

Music at Brewery Ommegang

Half of REM and a few accomplished musicians from other bands got together to form The Baseball Project.  We drove up to Cooperstown, NY, to see them followed by Conner Obherst and Dawes.  It was a lovely night of music in the rolling hills and farms of central New York. Obherst and Dawes were great.  We both felt glad to be a part of a younger generation of thoughtful musicians and songwriters.  You don't get that sense if you listen to commercial radio.

It was also great to see three aging rockstars from REM, Mike Mills (just wrote Hills three times before I got control of my fingers), Peter Buck, and Scott McCaughey (Sorry no picture of Scott). They were a delight.

The guitarist/singer is Steve Wynn, best known as the ex-frontman of The Dream Syndicate.

We did visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown - great place for baseball history fans - but this brewery alone would be worth a trip to visit (from the cabin).

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