August 7, 2014

Faux door

I don't know why I got myself into this challenge, but it's starting to look interesting. I thought I'd create a small door that matches the random contour of the stone edges.

Here's the space it needs to cover:

And here's the almost finished product.  I still have to stack up the stone the rest of the way, but the door is pretty much finished here. Strap hinges, knob and all. Made from scraps and old parts.

I started by cutting and ripping some scraps all to the same size. The easy part.
 Then I used my router to cut and edge in each piece to give the door some texture. By the way, this router was a $5 yard sale find last year.  Mom and dad are surely proud reading that sentence.

Then I fastened the boards to the general shape of the door opening.

Note the unintentional mean eyes and flared nostrils in the center.

Then I was lost, but she told me to just put the rough door inside behind the opening and just trace the outline of the door frame onto the door.  I did what I was told and it worked out swimmingly.

We didn't get pictures of the jig saw phase, which is a shame.  That was the crazy part.


  1. Wow! this is one grand project. Dad likes the door & the router. Great buy too! Glad your having fun creating one of a kind things. Thanks for posting so we can see your projects -- sure do enjoy this blog. Love Mom

  2. That is nice! But I don't understand what you did with the router.

  3. Thanks all. Olman, I cut a 1/2 inch edge in each board before putting them together. Otherwise together they would just look like one board. You can see it well in the photos, but there is a groove, or space, between each board.

  4. Sorry. I meant to write that you CAN'T see the grooves well.