August 20, 2014

Another strangely mild August weekend

August is supposed to be hazy, hot, and humid.  Well, not this one.  We have passed the half-way point and it consistently has been fairly dry and in the low to mid eighties, and chilly at night.  We are  certainly not complaining!

This mint growing wildly along our road is still flourishing.  We pulled some so she could make more mint/honey/lemon iced tea.  Amazing!

We finally got to join up with these friends for a nice long walk around a lake.  She is officially very pregnant, but still can cover miles of walking.  It was great to see them!

On final little detail needed the skills of an expert.  Tom came back to create a log end to match the others.  We had to cut this one out when the deck was built.  It was beaten and quite rotted.  We have milled logs drying in the basement that match the cabin, so finding such a small piece was no problem, but how do you cut an end that fits in all those mismatched notches?

Turns out that it's a mere challenge if you are Tom Colucci.

Slid right it the first time!  Right now, for the photo, it's just sitting in place.  Before it gets fastened in, have to treat it with borate, stain, and a top coat so it looks like all the rest.
Next project is finishing the cinderblock foundation.  We are going to use cultured stone that looks just like the blue stone in our region.  Sort of like this.  Or this.  Or this.  

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