July 29, 2014

Stone work

 Next and last step for the deck was to put all those stones back in the form of a wall.  It's back breaking, but enjoyable.  Kind of like how Rocky had to work out in Russia, carrying logs through the snow, in order to get ready for the fight with Ivan Drago.  I don't have an Ivan Drago in my life, and I'm not looking for one, but I like the old fashioned workout.

I am going to make a faux door for this space that fits the contour the rocks have created.  Sort of like a crooked hobbit door.

1 comment:

  1. Your flat rock wall looks fabulous. I like the door idea so you can gain access to under the deck. All looks so inviting & comfortable & compliments the nature surroundings. Awesome job. All your hard work is paying off with workout & fun. Seeing the results w/ achy muscles is so rewarding. Love U