July 10, 2014

Finished deck, honey, and a new old truck

These are not your standard deck rails.  Most deck rails are ornate and intended to be a feature to behold.  Our goals were to be able to see through the rails to the woods beyond.  At first we looked into   a wood top rail and cables for the rest, but that was way too expensive.  This is a happy medium.  We are very happy with it.  Once again Tom Colucci finds a way to create what we ask for.

Now I just have to finish the finish the screen frames, install the new screen, and pop on the trim.  There may be some planing to do since Tom straightened a bump the roof line when he jacked up that area.  Nothing is square on this cabin, which is part of its charm. Always adjusting, planing, trimming when one improvement is made.  

Instead of buying very expensive cedar trim for the screens, I am just to rip some of my own on the table saw from a 1x12 cedar board.  The one inch is really 3/4 inch, which is perfect. That will save a big wad of cash.

Not only is Tom a master builder, but he is a bee keeper that produces too much honey.  Lucky us!  He dropped off these three 12 oz. jars for us to sample.  One from each of his past three harvests.  The closest to my hand is from this past week.

New old truck. A 2002 Ford f-150 with 95k miles. It runs and rides like new.  As you can see Finn is very happy with it.


  1. Wowowow! Awesome updates and news all around :-)

  2. Hi Mike,
    Ripping cedar boards for screens is great. When I build things I just get boards and rip them to the width I need or tongue and groove glue them if they are not wide enough. Those are some fun sides of woodworking. Love Dad

  3. The deck and rails are looking good. Love, Dad