July 7, 2014

Fun week

She made a pair of socks.  As is true every four years, we are completely swept up in Word Cup soccer.  To show her support for Germany, she made these socks to wear with sandals, as the Germans are known to do.

Have you ever seen a FIVE leaf clover?  Yeah, I didn't think so.

Finn guarding the house from his new deck.  A few days ago he was very excited when a bear meandered up to check out the new construction.  He barked his tough guy bark and pushed open the screen door to give chase.  But when we yelled, "Finn, no!  Stay!" he stopped in his tracks like an excellent dog.  We are so proud of him for letting us know there was a bear approaching AND for staying when it was extremely difficult for him to stay.

Even an old, rotten stump has purpose.

Classic car show in Saugerties village. There must have been 200 cars lining Main Street and Partition Street.  What does it mean that my first car, which was only ten years old when I bought it, is now a classic?

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