July 29, 2014

Stone work

 Next and last step for the deck was to put all those stones back in the form of a wall.  It's back breaking, but enjoyable.  Kind of like how Rocky had to work out in Russia, carrying logs through the snow, in order to get ready for the fight with Ivan Drago.  I don't have an Ivan Drago in my life, and I'm not looking for one, but I like the old fashioned workout.

I am going to make a faux door for this space that fits the contour the rocks have created.  Sort of like a crooked hobbit door.

Finn's new shoes, made of mud

He doesn't see why he can't go in the house.

July 21, 2014

Mom, you were right

Mom, last week you predicted that Finn would be resting his chin on the bottom rail.  Well, here he is:

From hike to table

Step 1- hike to a wild blueberry patch. . .  Sorry, location cannot be disclosed!

Step 2- Keep Finn from picking too many blueberries.

Step 3- Bring home the blueberries and put them next to the raspberries we picked along a nearby road.

Step 4- Make a blueberry pie!

Porch screens done

Last steps were to staple the screens on and put on the trim.  The trim was a bit of a challenge because each frame is different in size and degree of not square they are.  Each one was its own piece of furniture, so there was no standard by which to cut all the pieces.  Still, it was fun.

Here you can see the unfinished doors standing and the finished one on the table.

Or you could just look at the finished product.  We are so pleased with how good they look, especially compared to what was there for so long.  And that we can keep the bugs out at dusk!
Another project complete!

July 17, 2014

"Are there any people at the cabin?"

Yes.  Sorry.  We'll post some photos of people asap.

Natural phenomena

Is this a fungus/mushroom, or a flower?  It grew virtually overnight just as fungi do, but there is a clear flower at the end. Anyone?

Gotcha!... sort of.  This is the barred owl that lives on our property.  She/he is fully grown now.  So far this is as close as we could get to a picture.  This owl is very camera shy. Here I stopped the truck going up the drive, got out my trusty smart phone (where's that damned Nikon D70 when I need it?!) and snapped this through the windshield.

Driving back to the city.

Screen frames

Well, there it is.  Tons of home made molding for a huge savings. 

The screen frames needed some parts replaced due to rot.  Even cedar eventually rots.  I simply took of the old pieces and replicated them by tracing them onto new boards.

Here are the screen frames in place.  After much power washing, planing, and repairing, they are as good as they'll get.

Next is to staple n the actual screens, and cover the edges with our new moulding.

July 11, 2014


We put up the hummingbird feeder in the hopes that one day we'd see one.  Well, we see one, two, three, or more just about any time we look out the window.  These photos are taken with a smart phone, so I'm not sure how well you can see this little 2 1/2 incher.  He or she is perched, not hovering, and devouring the sugar water we put out this morning. To watch them hover is one of the most fascinating natural wonders.

We don't know much about hummingbirds.  The types we've seen have either a red throat, a yellow breast, or a white breast with dark colored wings. They are so small we can't tell much else, except that  they are sugar fiends.

We have seen so many at the feeder that it makes us realize that they are probably all around us all the time, but we don't see them because they seldom stop.  Or we think they are bugs.

July 10, 2014

Finished deck, honey, and a new old truck

These are not your standard deck rails.  Most deck rails are ornate and intended to be a feature to behold.  Our goals were to be able to see through the rails to the woods beyond.  At first we looked into   a wood top rail and cables for the rest, but that was way too expensive.  This is a happy medium.  We are very happy with it.  Once again Tom Colucci finds a way to create what we ask for.

Now I just have to finish the finish the screen frames, install the new screen, and pop on the trim.  There may be some planing to do since Tom straightened a bump the roof line when he jacked up that area.  Nothing is square on this cabin, which is part of its charm. Always adjusting, planing, trimming when one improvement is made.  

Instead of buying very expensive cedar trim for the screens, I am just to rip some of my own on the table saw from a 1x12 cedar board.  The one inch is really 3/4 inch, which is perfect. That will save a big wad of cash.

Not only is Tom a master builder, but he is a bee keeper that produces too much honey.  Lucky us!  He dropped off these three 12 oz. jars for us to sample.  One from each of his past three harvests.  The closest to my hand is from this past week.

New old truck. A 2002 Ford f-150 with 95k miles. It runs and rides like new.  As you can see Finn is very happy with it.

July 7, 2014

Finn likes it here

She and Finn took her friends to the Saugerties lighthouse.  Finn really likes it here as he gets to jump about in the shallows of the Hudson River. He usually comes home soaked and thrilled, but it was too windy for him that day.

Fixing things

The problem with building new things is that the old things tend to go from "rustic" to "awful."  These are the framed screens for the porch.  The cedar has had the characteristic grey look for a long time and the screens are a mess.  So, off with the screens, and time to power wash the frames. 

This is phase 1 and 1.5 of the power washing.  I was a little shy at first, so I have to go over them again.  They are not going to look new, but they will look good.

This is what carpenter ants do to wet wood.  This was a small section under the old deck.  We knew we'd run into some trouble under there, but it wasn't bad at all.

These are the jacks our contractor uses to lift the cabin.  So old fashioned, but they work like a charm.

Fun week

She made a pair of socks.  As is true every four years, we are completely swept up in Word Cup soccer.  To show her support for Germany, she made these socks to wear with sandals, as the Germans are known to do.

Have you ever seen a FIVE leaf clover?  Yeah, I didn't think so.

Finn guarding the house from his new deck.  A few days ago he was very excited when a bear meandered up to check out the new construction.  He barked his tough guy bark and pushed open the screen door to give chase.  But when we yelled, "Finn, no!  Stay!" he stopped in his tracks like an excellent dog.  We are so proud of him for letting us know there was a bear approaching AND for staying when it was extremely difficult for him to stay.

Even an old, rotten stump has purpose.

Classic car show in Saugerties village. There must have been 200 cars lining Main Street and Partition Street.  What does it mean that my first car, which was only ten years old when I bought it, is now a classic?

July 2, 2014

Hello deck

Say hello to the new dance floor.  This is a bit bigger that the old deck!  Railings and stairs are coming forthwith.  We are very happy so far.


She took this from inside the truck as gravel was being dumped in the bed.  An interesting picture, I think.