June 1, 2014

A birthday and great weather

Two friends came up to join us for my birthday dinner at this old mountain lodge.  Great meal.  Great fellowship.

We really like each other.

Me and a nephew blowing out our birthday cupcake.

She and I also went to another restaurant this week called the Gunk Haus near New Paltz, NY.  Recommended by our brother/brother-in-law who found it after a day of golf.  German food and beer.  And their deck sits above an apple orchard and looks out at the Shawangunk mountains and Mohonk's Skytop.

Her with new contacts.  She hasn't tried contacts in over twenty years, so she is enjoying her newly (re)found peripheral vision.

 Our view as the sun sets.

In the bottom right corner you can just make out Skytop at Mohonk Mountain House.

On a morning hike this morning we found a giant dinosaur.  It's hard to make out but, unbeknownst to me, his eye is open!

My favorite person and dog on a rock with flowers.

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