March 30, 2014

Signs of Spring: snow melt and rain

It's hard to keep up with the bird feeders as the very hungry migratory birds come through. Today we were visited by a great many goldfinches.  Mixed with the usual cardinals, it was quite colorful!

Our little waterfall was "raging".  This creek runs right past the cabin and through the middle of our property.  It joins a big creek that runs along the edge of our property.

We found a very clean, very cold puddle in the woods.

We are enjoying any signs of Spring.  We love winter but it was long one (frigid temps and snow began in mid December).  The sugar maple sap has pretty much stopped flowing, so we boiled our final eight gallons this weekend.  More syrup!  What an amazing thing to have done.  It requires a lot of labor (it's healthy!), but not much else.  A few up front costs so far, but there are no additives to the process. As great and complex as maple syrup is, all you have to do is collect sap, boil it, and not get reckless with the trees.

We only tapped three of our approximately sixty maples.  I'd quit my job and do this full time if the season wasn't only two to three weeks per year.

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