December 14, 2014

Making a little holiday

Putting some lights up.

Christmas Dog!

We took Finn up the mountain so he could play in the snow.  There is no snow at the cabin, but 10 miles away and 2,000 feet up they have a over a foot.

A very cold looking waterfall.  I am not ready for snow yet, but she and Finn are.

Good-bye Gypsy Wolf

We've been occasionally going to this very unique Mexican restaurant for years.  We are sad to find that Gypsy Wolf Cantina will be closing its doors in late December.  We ate there last night and said our good-bye.  Here are a few photos from last night.

This one is the glass in their front door illuminated by headlights outside and holiday lights inside.

November 30, 2014

What a little dusting can do

 It was a beautiful holiday weekend.  While we still maintain that the snow came a bit too early, we had to admit that it was really nice.

A light dusting of snow and light can sure put a shine on things. We've traveled this road hundreds of times, but it never looked like we were headed to heaven.

For our 22nd anniversary, we went to a local place called New Word Home Cooking.  Below is our custom made ice cream topped with sherry, inspired by her father.

He actually runs, barks, jumps, chases animals, and misbehaves, too.  But we do love when he pretends to be a lap dog.

November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving snow?

Depending on what source you chose for your weather forecast we were to get either 6 inches or 15 inches.  Either way it would be one heck of a nor'easter that would disrupt holiday travel, etc.  We got one inch, which is almost melted already.  Is it me, or have weather people become ridiculously unreliable?  Imagine if I, as a teacher, were allowed to be approximately 50% correct on assessments and goal-setting for my kids.  Or a doctor who gets a diagnosis right 50% of the time.  Wow.

The problem is that weather forecasters who exaggerate, or maintain the assertion that they can make accurate forecasts for us (often 5 to 10 days out), are costing people happiness, money, and other measurable losses.  How many people in this region cancelled flights, or driving plans, and won't be with their loves ones this Thanksgiving because weather reporters confidently said that we'd be swamped with horrible weather?  The New York City metropolitan area, which has three major international airports, was told by many TV stations and websites that the nor'easter would be delivering high winds and significant snowfall.  In the city there were less than moderate winds, and all they saw was rain mixed with occasional snow flakes that instantly dissolved on the warm city streets.

Some areas of the Catskills saw quite a few inches, which folks dealt with handily, but our area saw only one to two.  That, for our region, is hardly worth mentioning, except for its beauty.

Anyway, we hope the forecasts did not hurt your holiday plans.  And for those who love snow, we hope you happened to be in a region that got some.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was looking for an image of an emphatic weather person and found this...

... which led to this video.  Very worth watching. Now I like weather people again.

November 12, 2014


I put my smart phone in grave danger for this little video.  It's propped right next to the small target, just a few inches from the spots I'm hitting.  Watching it is odd.  It sort of feels like you should get out of the way.  The arrows are moving fast!

A few small projects

So far November has been mild and quiet, aside from a day of tree-pruning high winds and rain.  We have been enjoying the sweater weather.

For whatever reason, we tend to start multiple projects this time of year and can be remarkably productive.  Maybe it's because winter is coming.

This is a simple shelter for the archery target and bales of hay.  It'll keep them from getting soaked and rotting.  With sides, it can also double for firewood storage.  It's 4' by 8'.

And an eight foot bridge crossing the creek.  Right now the creek is nearly dry and filled with leaves, but the first snowfall, then melt, will wash all that away.

Finn wants to help clean the gutters.

The bottom-most log end is new.  The old one was rotten and was cut out during the deck construction.  We had to let the new one season before we stained it.  Over time it will more like the rest of the logs.

November 3, 2014

Hello November

Installed a second light on the porch.  They are both wired to the same motion detector, so when we pull up in the dark two lights go on.  Fancy.

Finn was desperate for a hike, so we went on a hike. Pretty chilly.  This weekend was high of 45 and low of 35. That will take so getting used to.

Doesn't that look cozy?

October 28, 2014

Interactions with nature

While we drove to the cabin, the sun got up underneath these clouds and turned them into fire. 

Finn and I went on a hike.  Walking toward the sun was intense.

I don't know how these sheets of rock were made, but I can think of a number of uses for them.

Woodpeckers were here.

October 21, 2014

Late October

That's a thick little cloud!

We can still sit outside at Yum Yum in Woodstock, but not without sweaters.  She made this one.

Good friends. Leaf collecting, stick collecting, and throwing acorns into the dried up pond.  We had a great time.

October 14, 2014


It was great having so much family at the cabin this weekend.  

These two helped chop wood, or at least provided advice and commentary while I labored. They love the woods and fit right in with the other animals.

We spent a great deal of time in and on the truck.  They are regular country girls!

Pumpkin picking!  Can you tell this one is not taken with a a smart phone?  I finally brought the Nikon D-70 along.

Here she wants us to think that this is how she traveled to the pumpkin patch.

We love family visits.  Let's do it again soon!

Best friends

Our friends took this photo of these two buddies. Amazing.