July 28, 2013

Where the wild things are

Along a nearby road, we spotted wild raspberries!

 ... and an actual Wild Thing at the Woodstock Library festival!  Here, she looks like a certain nephew who used to make that face when it was picture time.

Nighthawk and American Indians

His new mode of transportation is a 1984 Honda Nighthawk 650.  It is the very bike that he longed for just out of high school.  Lo and behold a nearby fellow 47 year-old had to sell the one he bought just out of high school.  Rob took care of this bike like one would a baby, but for 30 years!  It looks and runs brand new, right out of the factory.  Only 10,000 miles, garaged, maintained, etc.  Everything you'd wish for when subconsciously looking for the bike you'd always wanted.  Of course, it will be a little tough to find parts. 

This bike is perfect for a novice rider to fine tune skills, and not get bored. In other words, it's fast, but easy to control.  

Maybe she can pass as American Indian...

Even when there are Dakota Sioux in the neighborhood.

Maybe they are only spiritual kin at this point, but Ms. Raven Hair loves them just the same.
This group of Dakota Sioux has been traveling south through New York state on The Unity Ride mission (read about it through the link).  Today they were in Saugerties and lead the opening ceremony for the equestrian competition at HITS.  Instead of the traditional opening prayer by a local Christian priest, the Dakota sang their beautiful horse prayer.

Definitely watch the 1 hour film on this page.   It's really heart-warming.  Don't we need more of that?

July 23, 2013

A visit from the nieces

We had a great three days with family, playing in the kiddie pool, going to the swimming hole, seeing nearby friends, searching for bugs, talking really loud, and eating a lot.  Perfect visit to the cabin.  We are so happy you guys made it up for a few days!

Here, we found a nice bug for you:

A visit from The Budda

We are so glad to meet this little guy and see these two again!

July 19, 2013

Bear up a tree

Today Finn and I encountered a woman and her big German shepherd while walking in the woods.  After some human-dog pleasantries, the woman pointed out a large bear in the tree just on the other side of the trail.  Her dog's big bark scared the crap out the bear, and it ran up the tree. You can't see it in the photo, but the bear is sitting in a crotch of the tree about thirty feet up, one leg on each side.  Clearly it was waiting for the big, bad dog to leave so it could go about its berry picking.

July 12, 2013

The iPhone is not quite the same as the Nikon D70, but it is convenient.  For instance, the iPhone was there when Finn and I were driving up the north side of Mohonk mountain when this dusky sight struck me. The mountain farthest to the right is Overlook, which is nearest to our cabin.  I stopped the car and watched in awe.  Then I noticed that Finn was, too, from the back seat. 

This view is of Skytop at Mohonk from the south east side of their mountain.

July 9, 2013

A lake and an exceptional spider web

It's been hot, so we have been moving slowly and visiting a number of mountain lakes and streams instead of doing the next phase of work at the cabin. Spending the many hours just sitting on the porch is really why we bought the place.  The heat has reminded us of that. The work can wait.

This is Cooper Lake. Pristine, chilly water.

We don't know much about spiders, but this is surely a work of genius in their realm. Other spiders must be envious.  Of course, we don't know if it works.

We promise to take pictures of actual people next week.