May 21, 2013


I was awoken from deep sleep in the dark by a hornet that stung my hand.  What a way to wake up!  He must have been trapped in the bedspread.  An epic battle ensued that woke everyone in the cabin, and I triumphed.  There was no way to return to sleep knowing it was still alive!

There it lay, smashed on the floor by a tissue box, me standing above it panting with a palm screaming from potent poison.

It was a regular old hornet, always a sight to behold.

(image heisted from the Interweb)

Here is one similar, above the coin.  The big beast below it is a mystery. At first glance he looks like a regular old hornet, but is 5-6 times the size.  Not typical.

May 12, 2013

May 7, 2013

Spring fun with friends

Mark has nice form!

The queen and king basking in the sun. This spot is along a trail up near Sugarloaf Mountain.  Someone got creative with old quarry refuse.

Dave is right at home in the woods, especially when he finds a chair.

It's hard to tell, but we did hike too!