October 21, 2013

More Autumn

A morning walk on a local trail

I like this one.  It's not art.  Just nature.

October 15, 2013


We started the day with a little traditional archery.

She likes the alpaca, which was just shaved to make some winter clothes.

We are in the hall at Hunter Mountain, which is a mix of generations of local Germans and just about anyone else who likes celebrating with them. These two are going to get married soon!

These two are not.

They dance to old-timey German music.

The old-timer with the white hat in the bottom right corner of the photo is 93 years old.  The fellow in the striped shirt said the old man is the "family matriarch," and the whole family is celebrating by drinking 93 beers.  Now that is German!

Back at the cabin we had a big bbq followed by a big fire.

A great conversation happening by the fire.

One of them is a kid and the other is feeling like a kid.  The effect of sparklers.

 You might think they are newlyweds, the way they take down a tent together.

October 7, 2013

Early Autumn

The first signs of Autumn are always so promising. For one, it means Oktoberfest at Hunter Mountain is next weekend!

Here Finn is especially happy because he had just found a piece of broccoli on the ground.