September 29, 2013

Two and a half cords in one day

We rented a log splitter to split all the logs that have been seasoning since last summer.  Hydraulic power is definitely the way to splitting over two cords of wood in one day.  It is back-breaking work, but we'll be smiling this winter when it is all stacked just waiting to make us toasty warm.

Pile #1

Pile #2 and 2.5

Pile #3

Not very exciting to look at, I know.

September 22, 2013

A good weekend

 Finn learned a new trick called ask.  There is no dignity in beg.

Had to take the four carburetors off to give them a bath and put in new float seats and gaskets.  Turns out that the 10% ethanol in our gas (which is doing nothing for our environment) wreaks havoc on rubber in the carbs.  Who knew.  This looks far more dramatic than it is.  The bike is fine now.

Here it is back together in its little home.

She is practicing her killing skills (on a target). She's pretty good already!

We went for a long walk.  Here, Finn wants to know why we are so slow. He turned back to get us.

My favorite person and dog from a distance.

What I'm doing right now

September 6, 2013

We'll miss you, Baxter

Having known you for six years, it seemed like you'd always be there.  We will miss your steadfast, ornery love.

In memory of you, we will not let a day go by when we don't love your friend Finn in all the ways he likes.

A good hike today

Finn chased another bear today.  Fortunately the bear ran for its life.  Otherwise this was a quiet trail with a few surprises and a great spot for lunch.

The first is a memorial deep in the woods for a firefighter who died in that very spot in the year 1900 while fighting a big forest fire that threatened the nearby town.  His name was Layman.

Strange what you find in the woods.

Then there was this perfect lunch spot. It was sunny and 68 degrees at the edge of this valley.  A great lunch it was.

If I was not feeling lazy I would crop this photo so that the top half could be used as a banner for something.

Really, a perfect day for this little family.

September 5, 2013

Perfect weather

We just arrived for an extended weekend to perfect weather. It's been very humid for the whole week or two since we returned from Spain, the kind of humid that makes you daydream of moving to the desert. But it is dry tonight, which has allowed the outside temperature to drop to below 60!  We love it!  It shouls be near 50 by morning. Can't wait to be chilly.