June 11, 2013

A great hike and some new things

We hiked up to nearby North Point.  Here Finn is catching his breath before we head back down. In the background you can see North and South Lake, and 1600 feet below that, far in the background, is the Hudson River.

Best yahd sale buy of the month. Solid wood, very well built bookshelf for $12.

After buying a 2013 Honda Civic for the trip back and forth, we sold the Jeep and replaced it with this Ford F250 pickup.  It's way more truck than we need, but it was a good deal.

I guess we like red now.


  1. I thought maybe you had stopped going to the cabin since there hadn't been a post in weeks. Glad to see more pictures and hear what you've been up to.

    Amazing view. Finn sure seems to be enjoying it.

  2. We are up there a lot. Just been too busy the rest of the time to remember to post. We'll try to get back to at least our once-per-week post.