April 4, 2013

7 Oaks

One of the big projects for this year was to remove seven 60-90 year old oaks that are closest to the cabin.  Most of them loomed dangerously over the cabin and were decaying at the base. They did survive some serious storms over the past two years, but we don't want to gamble any longer.  Also, removing the trees will allow tons more sunlight to fall on the cabin.

Sandy says good-bye to one of the trees.

Armin Schwab Hill did the work.  He is the owner of Armin's Tree Service.  They did a great job taking the trees down without them falling on the cabin, which was no easy feat. It's amazing to see pros at work!

This one was 70 feet tall and was held together by only the outer core of the trunk.


  1. Wow, lucky that tree never came down during a storm! Welcome sunshine!!

  2. Ditto on the "Wow"!

    I really love being privvy to the process of "cabinet" life.

  3. I can't get over that last pic! Shell of a tree!