March 10, 2013

It didn't snow

We expected to arrive and shovel a foot of snow, but our side of the mountain got none.  Not only that, but it was a balmy 57 degrees.  We were able to sit outside jacket-less and eat some smoked gouda and venison salami for lunch.

 Then we took a ride up the mountain to North and South Lake to see where the snow landed.  Below we are walking on south lake.  We walked all the way across, saying hello to the ice fishermen. It was easy to walk because the snow mobiles crushed down the snow. This is the very lake that we and our nephews were canoeing this past summer.  It was strange and beautiful to walk across a lake.

 Finn meets his first Belgian Draft horse.  He was interested, but very cautious.

Finally finishing cutting and scribing screen trim for the porch.  Last step is to stain it.

It was great to have some Spring weather in early March.

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