December 15, 2013


Well, we had our first snow of the season.  Looks like about 8 inches of nice powdery snow.   All is quiet and peaceful except for a distant plow truck heading our way.

December 1, 2013

Another cozy night

A good four day weekend

We don't usually post food photos, but the breakfast was superb.  

This piece of furniture was wobbly in just about every place that it could wobble.  I made it 34 years ago in Junior High wood shop class, and didn't follow directions. I finally took the time to fix it.  

After removing the top half, I found the handwriting of my 13 year old self.  Since every student was making the same telephone end table, we had to put our names on each piece.

These nails, all of them, were driven into the pedestal at all sorts of angles, over all sorts of decades, in order to keep the thing together.  I pulled them all out and put it all back together with wood screws.

 Now it solidly stands on its pedestal.  I never did build the drawer that goes in that slot. Mom used to make me feel better by saying that it's better without it because you can put your phonebook in the slot. Thanks Mom.

 The cabin from a distance.  That's Overlook Mountain back there.

The recent nor'easter took a maple down.  Here it is all cut up.  The chainsaw was my birthday present a year and a half ago. Hands down my favorite tool.  We'd be in trouble without it.

November 16, 2013

Quite balmy for mid-November

Today the temperature reached 60 degrees, so we spent it mostly outside.  First, a long walk in the woods, intermittently jarred by distant shotgun blasts.  It's hunting season.  Then we picked up 1.38 tons of stone for our pre-winter road repairs.  The aging, rusty truck didn't sag a bit.
Here we are waiting for the guy to drive his pay loader up the hill to meet us and dump the stop into the truck.

Today the sky was amazing!

This is the roof to an outdoor community garden in nearby Catskill, New York.  It's hard to see through the windshield glare, but it's remarkable.

Newest yard sale toy.  They don't make them like this anymore.

November 13, 2013

Sleep tight

As the temperatures dip, particularly at night, we spend more time inside the cozy cabin. The smell of woodsmoke and the waning light evoke a strong sense of comfort as we settle in against the cold windy nights.

November 6, 2013

Seemingly unnecessary bridge and a patient dog

Finn hiked ahead, around the bend. As usual we had every confidence that he'd be waiting for us, and as we approached we found him patiently waiting.  Could he be any more charming?

October 21, 2013

More Autumn

A morning walk on a local trail

I like this one.  It's not art.  Just nature.

October 15, 2013


We started the day with a little traditional archery.

She likes the alpaca, which was just shaved to make some winter clothes.

We are in the hall at Hunter Mountain, which is a mix of generations of local Germans and just about anyone else who likes celebrating with them. These two are going to get married soon!

These two are not.

They dance to old-timey German music.

The old-timer with the white hat in the bottom right corner of the photo is 93 years old.  The fellow in the striped shirt said the old man is the "family matriarch," and the whole family is celebrating by drinking 93 beers.  Now that is German!

Back at the cabin we had a big bbq followed by a big fire.

A great conversation happening by the fire.

One of them is a kid and the other is feeling like a kid.  The effect of sparklers.

 You might think they are newlyweds, the way they take down a tent together.

October 7, 2013

Early Autumn

The first signs of Autumn are always so promising. For one, it means Oktoberfest at Hunter Mountain is next weekend!

Here Finn is especially happy because he had just found a piece of broccoli on the ground.

September 29, 2013

Two and a half cords in one day

We rented a log splitter to split all the logs that have been seasoning since last summer.  Hydraulic power is definitely the way to splitting over two cords of wood in one day.  It is back-breaking work, but we'll be smiling this winter when it is all stacked just waiting to make us toasty warm.

Pile #1

Pile #2 and 2.5

Pile #3

Not very exciting to look at, I know.

September 22, 2013

A good weekend

 Finn learned a new trick called ask.  There is no dignity in beg.

Had to take the four carburetors off to give them a bath and put in new float seats and gaskets.  Turns out that the 10% ethanol in our gas (which is doing nothing for our environment) wreaks havoc on rubber in the carbs.  Who knew.  This looks far more dramatic than it is.  The bike is fine now.

Here it is back together in its little home.

She is practicing her killing skills (on a target). She's pretty good already!

We went for a long walk.  Here, Finn wants to know why we are so slow. He turned back to get us.

My favorite person and dog from a distance.