July 31, 2012


When the logs are stained and top-coated (slight weather delay), we will have to put screen up on the odd shaped areas of the porch. The previous owner sloppily cut pieces and stapled them to the logs.  We removed over one hundred staples, each of which did its small amount of damage to the logs (holes + rust stains). What we are doing instead is cutting pieces of trim to frame out each area and stapling the screen to that. Of course, that lead to having to figure out how to shape the trim to the irregular surfaces of the log ends as shown below. 

Tom Colluci, the contractor doing the heavy work, showed me how to scribe, which is simply tracing the contour of the log ends onto the pine board used for trim.  

Without a compass, I made my own scribing tool. I ran the end of this angle along the log ends while the pencil drew it on the board. Worked like a charm!

Here is the board with the lines drawn.

Then the jigsaw.

And, what do you know, it fits! Thanks for the advice Tom!

July 26, 2012


This local sign reminds me of a certain dog...

Clean logs

A view from below of some very clean logs.  They are power washed, etc., and ready for stain and coating.

Nephew visit

At 13 he traveled by himself from Florida to New York for a week long visit.  We spent most of the time touring New York City, but we did drive up to the cabin for a day.  He fits right in in the mountains.

Out of the car, he immediately finds the creek and its frogs.

At a local swimming hole (don't ask, it's a local secret).

Making a screen door (a very custom job)

The doorway was 27 1/8 inches wide on top and 27 3/4 inches on the bottom and a few variable widths in between. Nothing square about it. It also only 5 foot 7 inches tall.  All this meant that we had to make a screen door ourselves that was intentionally misshapen.

Here's the intentionally misshapen door as the glue dries.

A friend lent me a biscuit joiner, which made the job a great deal easier. A great invention.

Next was to use a router to cut out a groove in which the screen will be stapled.

The screen in place (trim to come), it ti's time for some hinges.

  Pop it on and... it fits!

This all happened before the deck that we built with Jonas and Dave.  Thanks again guys!

Not only did she help make the intentionally misshapen screen door, but here she is making a very intricate shawl.

July 24, 2012

Almost done

Work is progressing nicely. Today the power washing guy came and did the whole place, tomorrow or Thursday will be borate coating which will keep the bugs out, followed by next week staining and sealing!

 Last week saw a lot of changes--the roof over the kitchen is done and beautiful! The dormer in the loft is completely amazing! Can you see how happy I am?

And the trapezoid window has been framed out in the kitchen, just needs to be installed when it comes in. This is kind of a bad shot of it, but wait until you see it from inside!

And the big do-it-yourself project for the weekend was building the back deck. There was a small deck off of the back door that was ruined when we did the foundation work last summer. Thanks so much to Jonas and Dave for their expertise and patience. Apparently all it takes to get it done is to ration the beer and don't feed the workers until the job is just about done!

Oh yeah! See the screen door? Handmade last week by the man himself. Fits perfectly. There are better pics  and there will likely be a separate post dedicated to the screen door.

There was some other work too, like making sure Finn looks his brushed-out best. Thanks Caroline! And then onto relaxing on the deck, and later by the fire. 

Rachel negotiates with her jailer.

July 12, 2012

Log Restoration Phase Two (the final phase)

 So Phase Two, which is underway, includes removing the roof over the kitchen where there was water damage a long time ago and replacing the logs on the upper part of the wall over the window in the second picture below. We are also replacing logs on the second floor dormer (doing something different there).  That will be the last of any log issues! Yeah! Once that is finished (by Monday), we have a guy coming in to blast all the logs (strip and clean them so the all look new), followed by two coats of stain and a top coat.  Then we are finished restoring the cabin!

We have already removed the roof seen below and, currently, the only thing above you as you stand in the kitchen are the log rafters and lots of sky. That will not be so tomorrow.

Here you can see the old water damage to the roof/ceiling and upper logs. All those logs above the window will be new.

The rest of the cabin is water tight, so this will be the last of such heavy duty work.

Nearly everyone was stung by angry hornets to start off the day.  They lived right about where the guys are pulling up the roofing.

Below are the new roof decking. We decided to stain them lightly to brighten up the kitchen a bit.

The beginning of taking up the roof decking.  It's a shame because it is hemlock, a wood you can't find anymore. We are saving some of it for something else.
Below you can see the water damage to the dormer, which is mostly from a half century of backsplash.  It's all coming off and being rebuilt. Not logs, but rustic board and batten similar to this).

No one should freak out looking at this.  These renovations are all part of a two year plan and we are ahead of schedule, and almost done.  In fact, today much of the work is already done!  Pictures coming forthwith!

Finally replaced the hood

Before (tree fell on it in 2010)

After (we finally got around to getting the hood replaced)

Our new hot tub

Finn loves it.  Well, drinking it.

July 4th fireworks

The Town of Saugerties annual fireworks. We got up close. It's strange what the camera captured.

Here's a little of nature's before the sun went down: