December 28, 2012

Winter is definitely here

After a great day celebrating the holiday with family in the city, we made our way up to the cabin for some quiet time. 

First, I had to do my chores (therapy). This pile will be the beginning of a new cord, which will season for two years behind the shop. Under the roof is what we are burning this year.  The wood in the background is for next year.

Then it snowed five inches. Doesn't this make you feel cold? 

Showing off the new window. We are enjoying the strange light that snow makes.

 Cardinal and a nearly imperceptible approaching bird.
 Can you find him?

Finn hunting.  Could be a mouse.  Could be turkey poop.

December 16, 2012

Christmas gift that kills

When I was in high school I was quite proficient with one of these. She's not a bad shot either, as my brother taught her at summer camp.  I have always wanted to get one in my hands again and really make myself an expert. Well, thanks to her, I've got this beauty. It's a traditional one-piece recurve bow made of walnut and maple.  The limbs are covered with clear fiberglass (not traditional, but awesome).

Now we have more than one fearsome predator in the household.

December 11, 2012


Thanks for visiting!

December 2, 2012

First snow

The first snow was a light dusting. Beautiful anyway.

Wildlife in the Catskills.