November 12, 2012

Old fence

Well, they say this all used to be farmland.  Today Finn found more evidence.  We've found a rusted bucket, oil can spout, a few hand tools, a rusted shovel head, and now this:

He was running through the woods, tripped and stopped short.  He wasn't stuck, and didn't get hurt, but was quite perplexed. When I caught up with him, he was sniffing a small section of this fence that was protruding from years of dirt and growth. I pulled it and the fence revealed itself for about twenty feet in both directions.  Another pull unearthed more.  Here is a pile of it.

Here is an artsy picture of part of the pile.

Here is some of it cut up and piled in a wheel barrow.

Other things happened at the cabin this weekend, like rest and relaxation mixed with a bit of leaf raking, but the fence gets your attention.


  1. Wow, that is amazing, what is there to be found. Like the artsy shot a lot :-)

  2. The fence is cool and all, but next time make sure She is in the pics, too, man! Jeez.