November 18, 2012

A nice hike

Not many people are hiking the less popular trails this time of year.  We hiked up to the ruins of the the Kaaterskill Hotel, which burnt down in 1924.

On the way up Kaaterskill Clove we found this eye in the rock.

No one but us up there. This is South Lake, the beginning of our hike.

Finn is wearing his "I'm not a frickin' deer" vest, as it is hunting season.

 He is a scout.  He walks, or runs, about 30-40 feet ahead of us, always checking back with us.

At the hotel ruins, we found a giant, deep well.

A perfect spot for a picnic.

It was a long hike and we are tired.

By the way, if you ever want to hike to mountain house ruins, the Overlook Mountain House, is among  the most rewarding. It is two peaks south of the Kaaterskill Hotel ruins. Also, you can stay at the only remaining mountain house and experience the incredible luxury these hotels provided over a century ago. It's Mohonk Mountain House.

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