September 19, 2012

Huntersfield Mountain hike

It becoming the most beautiful time of year, we have been doing more hiking.  This trip was up north a bit in the Catskills to a 3,000+ peak called Huntersfield Mountain. It was a perfect day on a "trail" that was at times nearly untrodden.  No one was on the trail in recent days. Part of the trail uses old logging roads, which was really amazing.  

Our cabin is in the southeast corner on this map, just along the first span of mountains (Overlook Mountain).
We hiked the trail on the north end to the summit and back down again.

The evenings were in the 50s and felt great!  Crispy, cool air. It was 49 degrees on Saturday night, which was a perfect excuse for a fire. 

Can you play "Find Finn?"

One could argue that this tree is in the way of the view, but we are not sure.

Everyone looks great among birches.

She tells Finn a wilderness secret.

Very tall pines!

At 3400 feet the maple leaves are already changing.

An old logging road.  Amazing.

Rodents made trails and homes of sawdust behind the bark... before it fell off.

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