August 20, 2012

Some "after" photos

This weekend the temperature went down to 50 degrees at night.  It felt great, but reminded us that summer can't last forever.

We are still finishing up the restoration work, but here are a few photos of the cabin with new stain and top coat.

The posts on the porch are not done because we want to sand them first.  We are very happy with how it is coming out.  The contractor says it makes him want to eat pancakes because of Log Cabin Syrup from his childhood.  It reminds us of Lincoln Logs.

Mom, one of the lilacs began to sprout!  You'll see them in the fall!

The woods as you head down the drive. The shadow at bottom left is cast by the peak of Overlook Mountain.

Very happy trees.


  1. It looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see it!

  2. It looks awesome! I loved Lincoln Logs as a kid, and Giant Tinker Toys. You should have some Lincoln Logs at the cabin...just for fun :-)