July 31, 2012


When the logs are stained and top-coated (slight weather delay), we will have to put screen up on the odd shaped areas of the porch. The previous owner sloppily cut pieces and stapled them to the logs.  We removed over one hundred staples, each of which did its small amount of damage to the logs (holes + rust stains). What we are doing instead is cutting pieces of trim to frame out each area and stapling the screen to that. Of course, that lead to having to figure out how to shape the trim to the irregular surfaces of the log ends as shown below. 

Tom Colluci, the contractor doing the heavy work, showed me how to scribe, which is simply tracing the contour of the log ends onto the pine board used for trim.  

Without a compass, I made my own scribing tool. I ran the end of this angle along the log ends while the pencil drew it on the board. Worked like a charm!

Here is the board with the lines drawn.

Then the jigsaw.

And, what do you know, it fits! Thanks for the advice Tom!


  1. Very cool. Look forward to sharing with the kids.

  2. What do you use to fill in the gaps between the board and logs? Just some silicon?

  3. I think I'll just let the screen overlap a little to cover the spaces.