July 26, 2012

Making a screen door (a very custom job)

The doorway was 27 1/8 inches wide on top and 27 3/4 inches on the bottom and a few variable widths in between. Nothing square about it. It also only 5 foot 7 inches tall.  All this meant that we had to make a screen door ourselves that was intentionally misshapen.

Here's the intentionally misshapen door as the glue dries.

A friend lent me a biscuit joiner, which made the job a great deal easier. A great invention.

Next was to use a router to cut out a groove in which the screen will be stapled.

The screen in place (trim to come), it ti's time for some hinges.

  Pop it on and... it fits!

This all happened before the deck that we built with Jonas and Dave.  Thanks again guys!

Not only did she help make the intentionally misshapen screen door, but here she is making a very intricate shawl.

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