July 12, 2012

Log Restoration Phase Two (the final phase)

 So Phase Two, which is underway, includes removing the roof over the kitchen where there was water damage a long time ago and replacing the logs on the upper part of the wall over the window in the second picture below. We are also replacing logs on the second floor dormer (doing something different there).  That will be the last of any log issues! Yeah! Once that is finished (by Monday), we have a guy coming in to blast all the logs (strip and clean them so the all look new), followed by two coats of stain and a top coat.  Then we are finished restoring the cabin!

We have already removed the roof seen below and, currently, the only thing above you as you stand in the kitchen are the log rafters and lots of sky. That will not be so tomorrow.

Here you can see the old water damage to the roof/ceiling and upper logs. All those logs above the window will be new.

The rest of the cabin is water tight, so this will be the last of such heavy duty work.

Nearly everyone was stung by angry hornets to start off the day.  They lived right about where the guys are pulling up the roofing.

Below are the new roof decking. We decided to stain them lightly to brighten up the kitchen a bit.

The beginning of taking up the roof decking.  It's a shame because it is hemlock, a wood you can't find anymore. We are saving some of it for something else.
Below you can see the water damage to the dormer, which is mostly from a half century of backsplash.  It's all coming off and being rebuilt. Not logs, but rustic board and batten similar to this).

No one should freak out looking at this.  These renovations are all part of a two year plan and we are ahead of schedule, and almost done.  In fact, today much of the work is already done!  Pictures coming forthwith!


  1. That's fantastic that you're ahead of schedule. Can't wait to see it all when done. Sorry about the angry hornet stings!

  2. Wow, looking good. Like Shirley said, great that you are ahead of schedule!