July 24, 2012

Almost done

Work is progressing nicely. Today the power washing guy came and did the whole place, tomorrow or Thursday will be borate coating which will keep the bugs out, followed by next week staining and sealing!

 Last week saw a lot of changes--the roof over the kitchen is done and beautiful! The dormer in the loft is completely amazing! Can you see how happy I am?

And the trapezoid window has been framed out in the kitchen, just needs to be installed when it comes in. This is kind of a bad shot of it, but wait until you see it from inside!

And the big do-it-yourself project for the weekend was building the back deck. There was a small deck off of the back door that was ruined when we did the foundation work last summer. Thanks so much to Jonas and Dave for their expertise and patience. Apparently all it takes to get it done is to ration the beer and don't feed the workers until the job is just about done!

Oh yeah! See the screen door? Handmade last week by the man himself. Fits perfectly. There are better pics  and there will likely be a separate post dedicated to the screen door.

There was some other work too, like making sure Finn looks his brushed-out best. Thanks Caroline! And then onto relaxing on the deck, and later by the fire. 

Rachel negotiates with her jailer.

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