April 11, 2012

Indian Head Mountain hike

It was a beautiful April day so we decided to go for a hike up toward Indian Head Mountain. The trailhead is a few miles from our cabin. We hadn't been on this trail before, so we were delighted by all the views, small waterfalls, and a couple of great surprises (see below).

Finn knows how to get in the shot.

Normally there would be a lot more snow melt rushing through here, but this winter brought record lows in snowfall and record highs in temperature. That made for a nice peaceful few minutes at this stop.

Here is the last of the snow.

Then we encountered evidence of beaver. He quit on this tree because it's a hard-as-nails cedar tree.

But here is some very impressive evidence! This is the most amazing dam we have ever seen.

Here it is from below.

We also came upon remnants of a blue stone quarry that has been made into remarkable art.

First, we found a few walls and chairs for relaxing in the sun while taking in the mountain views.

Then there was this.

King Mike's throne!


  1. That's awesome! I love the throne, but you need to build another for the Queen and get that beaver to work on a bed for Finn at the foot of the thrones!