January 17, 2012


We had two cats - Boy and Girl - in our lives for 15 and 18 years. Girl passed away in late 2010. we have been talking for a while about how best to memorialize them, and we've figured it out. We found a nice, solid piece of bluestone on the property and have gone to work on it.

Below she draws out the lettering.

Then I go to work with my trusty rotary tool with diamond bit.

It's going to be beautiful. Next is to find the right place to rest it, and their ashes. It feels so great to be doing this with our own hands.

She knitted me some slippers. The floor is cold in the morning.
Here they are in action.


  1. What a beautiful way to memorialize them. As I write this my 10 month old kitten is laying next to me in her bed. I hope to have her for a good 15-18 years.


  2. Um, geez, how to say this...is it going to be clear from the stone that you are talking about cats?

  3. (i LOVE the idea, by the way.)

  4. Thanks to both of you.
    Good point, Jar. We did think of that while sketching it and have added a cat's paw at the bottom.