January 30, 2012

January quiet

Well, here it is. It proved to be very difficult to etch into this rock because neither the rock's surface nor my motor skills are smooth enough. "Boy" is especially fat and cock-eyed, but that's very much like his personality.
Jar, thanks for the advice. The "paw" at the bottom (best I can do) is so that future generations know they are small animals. It sort of looks like an excited cat, no?

Here's the culprit, one of my favorite tools. It's a variable speed rotary tool that can do almost anything if you spend the money on the bits. The one I used on the memorial stone is a small diamond bit.

Quiz: which one is happier with the others?

Finn will learn anything and do it in less than three tries. He jumped three of these logs and ran across a board on the first go, and loved the task... and the treat that followed.


  1. It's beautiful! I really love it.

    That Finn...what a fun and loving guy...just like the adults he lives with :-)

  2. Beautiful memorial to Boy and Girl. I love the shot of you guys with Finn.