July 26, 2011

Great summer family fun

So the family traveled up from New Jersey for the weekend and we had a great time. We had two BBQs , picnicked at the edge of an escarpment 2400 feet above the Hudson valley floor, swam in and canoed on a mountain lake, picked wild blueberries, made S'mores (tm) around a fire, and enjoyed the DJ talents of the youngest among us.

But I did not take any photos...

Fortunately, one of us did. Follow this link to some great ones.

We hope you guys come back soon!

July 18, 2011

More July pics

Wild strawberries! These little guys we delicious!

Finn atop a mountain.

Summer = hot days and cool nights

Unlike our alter-life in the city, things cool down at night up here. The past few days have nearly reached 90 degrees while it drops to the mid to low 60s at night. The best of both worlds... except for the mosquitos. Damn the mosquitos.

It might look like Finn has a big dog house but...

Best shot of Finn so far.

Polyurethane-ing our picnic table.