May 29, 2011

A table to restore

Someone was throwing this beauty out. It needs some serious restoration - especially the top - but it is quite worthy of that.

Mike's father, the seasoned craftsman recently fashioned a replacement for a missing one of ornate leg pieces (missing in the back). Nice job Dad!

May 23, 2011


It has rained for the past 11 days in Saugerties, including this past weekend. That kept us under roofs for the most part, which meant lots of rest and some tinkering inside. We did do one project we have been putting off for a while: cleaning the inside porch, a space that probably hasn't been this clean since the late 60s. A day later we still smell like bleach.

We also had our first (and second) fire in the fireplace since December. We covered the peak for the winter and just had a new chimney cap put on. A great fireplace. Finn has mixed feelings about the open flame.

We are looking forward to Tim and Mary's upcoming visit!

May 9, 2011

Everything is turning green

When you look really close:

It looks like another world


Morning tomato, happy Finn, she burns more, big rat snake, new picnic table

This guy is approximately 5 feet in length. He is not poisonous, but is a constrictor, which means he likes to squeeze mice, squirrels, rats, etc.

A local guy mills the wood himself and builds these out of hemlock.