February 26, 2011

Life and Taxes

Thanks to b-days and tax returns, we've gotten three vital necessities that every cabin should have:
Snow shoes! Mike's been getting cabin fever since there's no place to walk because of the couple of feet of snow all around. Now we can go any place we like!

Muck boots! (I have my Bogs in the next pic.) It's going to be a muddy, muddy Spring after all this snow melts. Now we'll be prepared. By the way, that's Mike checking out the roof, which apparently needed shoveling. His dad used to do that all the time in NH. Must be a family thing because I never heard of it before.

Adirondack chairs! It's not quite warm enough yet for a good long lounge, but it will be soon enough. . . and it was quite a comfortable place to relax after snow-shoeing around.

February 22, 2011

Trees and firewood

Here's the next morning--that's Mike cutting down a few of the trees that have some kind of illness that's weakening them at the trunk. Our neighbor is cutting some down too. That way hopefully they'll stop falling on the power lines. I'm afraid of the chainsaw, maybe even more afraid of that than I am of the tree falling down on us.

Once the trees are cut down, they turn into logs, which get split up into firewood. The trees that are falling are maples (and one oak that splintered during the windstorm), both of which burn pretty good. Below is some of the final product, kindling. Look closely at the kindling crock, it has our name on it! Thanks J&A for this lovely gift. Love you!

Power Outage!

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there--does it make a sound? No, that's not the question. The question is this: if a tree falls on your power lines, who is responsible for fixing it? This week we discover that some telephone poles are owned by the power company and some belong to the customer. When the customer owns the poles, the customer hires an electrician to fix downed lines. When the power company owns them, they do the work. Guess who owns the two on our property?

Fortunately for us, we've found that people up here are so open and friendly, that even though we should have had to hire someone to come fix the lines, the guy who came out from the power company said they'd take care of it as a courtesy! Then this morning the electrician called and said he'd go check it out just to make sure the power company took care of everything!

We spent a beautiful quiet candlelit night. Lovely.