November 27, 2011

Gathering wood

Sandy lying on the picnic table looking at the sky when Finn stops by for a visit:

A white ash tree that was wiped out by a fallen pine during the last storm. Ash is what major league baseball bats are made from due to its strength, density and very fine grain. The latter means ash bats are less likely to split or break. Ash is also great for wood burning stoves as it burns slow and very hot. Not only that, but ash is so dry that needs very little time to season. In fact, you can burn it right away. Below is the end of the second load brought out of the woods on the other end of the property.

This is a cord of red oak stacked nice and neat and ready for burning this year. We bought it from a local guy. It is probably the last wood we will have to pay for as the stuff we've been harvesting will have seasoned enough for next year.

Here is a cord of maple we cut and split over the past year from trees fallen in the past two storms. A cord is a tight stack of wood that is 4'x4'x8'.

Sandy's mom and dad came up with us for an overnight visit. We forgot to take pictures, but we do have this one of them watching four deer pass the cabin in the morning.

Finn at the Hudson River. He is imagining running across it because he thinks all water is only one foot deep.

November 13, 2011