October 20, 2011

Log replacement

One final job we had done before winter was to have a log and timber specialist come in and replace the rotted logs and rafter tails at the back of the cabin. It was tough to find Tom Colucci, a remarkable builder craftsman, but well worth the search. Tom spent quite some time at the cabin and at his mill planning for the replacement of these logs in a way that would match nearly perfectly. Here are a few pictures of his work.

It's hard to see but the bottom two logs on the foreground are new (not stripped yet) and the bottom three on the wall set back are all new. Tom jacked up the cabin with hydraulics, snaked out the rotted logs and snaked in the new ones. When we corn cob blast and then treat all the logs in the Spring, they will match perfectly.

Some of the rot "before."

These are new rafter tails as well. This was a tough job, cutting and notching these logs to fit up in there!

A "before" picture of one of the rafter tails.

A couple of log ends replaced on the bathroom side.

Now we have a rot free old cabin!

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