October 20, 2011

Installing a gutter and drainage

This section of the cabin has never had a gutter on it. The last step in our major efforts to move water away from the foundation is to install one here. Step one was to get an electrician to come in and move the utility lines down because they were too close to the eave. That's probably why no one tried to add the gutter.

After the electric work I took the rest of the task on myself.

First, because the eave is angled I had to cut a piece to adjoin to the eave so that the gutter hangs level. Without a table saw I had to rip this 35 degree angle with a circular saw. It worked well enough.

Here, in a later stage, you can see its purpose:

Gutter goes on (pitched 1/4" every ten feet).

After the gutter and leader is installed, I dug a trench and ran drainage pipe to the cliff. You can see the very end of the pipe that our excavator installed for the other leader.

And there you have it. The last of the rain water moves far away from the cabin.