October 3, 2011

Friends and Mike's new favorite hat

A handful of friends came up just in time for the first Autumn cool air. We had a great time once again. First, before our BBQ, we went to Oktoberfest up at Hunter Mountain. The region is populated with older generations of Germans (and now a few generations of their offspring) who were escaping those nasty 20th century wars. The Catskills is very much like the Bavarian Alps, so these folks move in, opened businesses, and imported much of their culture. That would include schnitzel eating, beer drinking, and the traditional Alpine hikers hat, one of which Mike bought. We had a blast up there, but didn't take any photos. Below is us back at the cabin enjoying Sandy's superb BBQ-ing skills and Canadian beer (it was cheap and there was no Spaten at the market).


Sandy laughs.

Prashanth says something that Mark isn't sure is funny.

My new hat from the old world.

Jake in front of the fire.

Yvette sits close to heat like a cat.

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